GO-LIX Ltd. is an organization specializing in information system security. With our team of experienced professionals, comprehensive knowledge, and strategic partnerships, we offer a variety of security solutions and services to our clients, all delivered by our certified experts.

Our areas of specialization include:

System Security Review and Penetration Testing

  • External security reviews
  • Internal security reviews
  • Gathering information from open sources (OSINT) – or Open-Source Intelligence
  • Website assessment

Risk Management

Application Penetration Testing

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Client-side applications

Business Continuity

Cybersecurity Incident Response and Forensic Analysis

Information Security

User Education

For over a decade, GO-LIX has employed certified and experienced cybersecurity experts who specialize in handling phishing tests and online scams. Having conducted hundreds of these tests through various projects, we’ve gained deep insights into both the challenges and benefits of phishing exercises. This extensive experience and dedication have driven us to create the »Slovenian platform for elevating cybersecurity standards among employees  – PHISHSTRIKE«.

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lead generation and management

Webthebest Platform Description

Webthebest is an information platform designed to facilitate efficient interaction between two key stakeholders in the business process: typically, the inquirer and the provider. Webthebest empowers businesses by digitizing and automating their processes, with a primary focus on the sales process.

The platform comprises three key segments.

Aggregation & Lead Generation

This segment serves the inquirers, allowing them to obtain multiple offers from various providers in one place. It includes precise targeting through digital promotion and modern marketing channels, personalized web pages or multiple pages tailored to individual users, and a user-friendly questionnaire that simplifies their needs assessment. For providers, such inquiries represent qualified sales leads from users who have expressed their purchase intent.

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Lead Management

Users, both individuals and businesses, submit requests for services or solutions to providers, who manage them within the lead management system. The back-end of the platform provides providers with an autonomous information solution for efficient lead management and oversight of sales agents closing deals.

Marketing and Sales Automation

The platform enables providers to digitize and automate their sales process, integrating seamlessly with their IT systems. In terms of user communication (marketing automation), the platform offers a wide range of real-time communication options for content and benefits, optimizing the work of sales agents and providing users with access to the best offers in one place to facilitate informed decisions.

Services on the Webthebest Platform

Certain services using the platform are managed by Webthebest; like aggregation of sales leads and advanced lead generation. However, the platform also allows for the hosting of various services, typically within specific business industries.

These type of services can be developed:

Aggregation of Sales Leads

Aggregation of Sales Leads: The Webthebest platform primarily focuses on sales interactions in the realm of mass services. It aggregates user offers and generates qualified sales leads for providers. Current services on the platform cater to telecommunications (Preklop.si) and banking services (Topkrediti.si), with plans to expand into insurance, energy solutions, tourism, and more.

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ALG – Advanced Lead Generation

ALG is a service designed for companies looking to acquire new customers through advertising on Google and social media. It targets businesses offering products, solutions, or services for which they need to generate inquiries or leads from potential end customers. ALG provides added value by offering companies all the necessary tools for effectively converting received leads, along with tracking the performance of ads in terms of final conversion.

Stand-Alone Solutions on the Platform

Stand-Alone Solutions on the Platform: Due to its compact and flexible design, the platform supports highly targeted solutions and applications. For instance, Phishstrike is a Slovenian application dedicated to enhancing users’ cybersecurity.

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