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PHISHSTRIKE  is an innovative platform educating your employees effectively in the fields of cybersecurity and information security in the most efficient way.

In the first step, the platform ASSESSES the current knowledge of each individual at various levels and continuously TESTS them. Based on previous findings and user activities, it  TARGETEDLY EDUCATES the user.

Leave the education to the PHISHSTRIKE platform. Let your employees become the strongest link in the security chain!

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset.

However, they can also be the most vulnerable one.

People make mistakes. In the face of constant information overload, we can lose attention and focus.

Hackers are well aware of this and exploit it to their advantage. They frequently exploit common human traits such as naivety, curiosity, fear, seeking validation, and more.

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A mistake by a single employee can trigger a cyberattack on your organization.

Educate yourself to safeguard against it!

While we have spared no effort to secure our information system, we are far from being out of danger.

In fact, the most vulnerable part of the company is its employees. A fleeting moment of inattention by a single employee can unfurl a dark scenario.

These attacks, already effectively exploiting an individual's human nature, can manifest on either a larger scale or in a targeted manner, drastically increasing their potential for success. A single error is all it takes to turn a potential catastrophe into reality.

The aftermath of such an attack is truly enormous. That is why the best approach, especially when considering the human factor, is prevention.

The consequences of an attack can be extremely devastating, making prevention the best strategy, especially in cases involving the human element.

This is why we place our utmost focus on this aspect.

We have established the
platform, which is changing the approach to this issue.

The platform fosters positive communication among employees regarding online fraud while focusing on targeted individual education. It is based on celebrating successes rather than criticizing mistakes. As a result, employees are more motivated, and instead of resistance, they embrace our process as a challenge.

The system offers targeted education and user testing in specific areas. Instead of generic training, we customize the entire process for each individual based on their test results. This tailored approach ensures optimal results.

Zato temu aspektu posvečamo največ pozornosti.

The platform consists of three modules.

The key to success is repetition.

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